Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs– A Continuum of Creative Learning

To reinforce learning, in 2014, AMMBCON introduced their Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs. Designed and run by CIDA, the international agency that supports growing creative economies across the world, the 5-day programme introduced artists and practitioners to the basic building blocks of a successful creative business. Over 20 participants attended the programme and, in their written evaluations, available on demand, were unanimous in their appreciation of the programme.


At AMMBCON 2016, we are building on this success by increasing the number of places available, and by running a 5-day programme in creative enterprise regardless of age or experience. Using the Innovation Process designed by Silicon Valley innovation specialists and adapted by partners CIDA to meet the needs of the cultural and creative sector, enabling cultural and creative workers to bring their capacity for creative thinking to help solve intractable problems in other industry sectors.



8 -12 AUGUST 2016

9.30AM – 3.30PM

Topic Title

Learning Content

Competencies for Creative Entrepreneurs

Attributes, Environment Map, Mission, Vision and Values

COSTAR – Innovation Process:

Perfecting and Pitching Your Brilliant Idea and creating compelling customer value. An introduction to the disciplines involved in turning raw ideas into powerful value propositions – a discipline anyone can learn, from individuals to whole organisations and innovation networks

Introduction to Marketing and Branding

The 7-Ps of Marketing - Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Packaging, Positioning

5-steps to brand management: vision, strategy, identity, brand experience, brand interaction

Introduction to Finance

Budgets, cash flow, costing your time, pricing your work, cash management, keeping records

Fundraising and Income Generation Strategies including Intellectual Property Rights

Writing bids for Sponsorship, donations, CSR. Exploration of commercialisation, exploitation of intangible assets and key things to know about creative and media Intellectual Property