Welcome to AMMBCON 2016 - Making Music and Creativity Effective

Our Mission
To contribute to the growth of Trinidad's creative economy, both commercial and non-profit, by a focus on the development of entrepreneurial and business skills to underpin the development of talent and to share that expertise across the Caribbean region.

Our Vision
Positioning Trinidad and Tobago as the lead for the growth of the creative sector in the Caribbean region. Using our engagement in the music industry as the pioneering model for this work, we aim to work with partners to build increased courage, confidence and competence throughout the Caribbean's creative economy to ensure that a high level of talent development is supported by a regional infrastructure of equally high levels of entrepreneurial competence and commercial know-how.

Our vision for AMMBCON "expanding the boundaries of music" is geared towards the realization of a comprehensive strategy for success. The structure of our strategy is based around three overarching Strategic Directions:

  • Building Capacity: Creative People
  • Building Infrastructure: Creative Places
  • Building Vitality and Viability: Creative Living

Achieving these objectives, shape everything that we do at the AMMBCON conference. As organizers, we understand the importance of the community in growing the quantity of registrants and the quality of programming at the AMMBCON conference.

We acknowledge that AMMBCON is always a work-in-progress. Every year, we tinker with the formula and the event continues to improve. But every year we also discover more elements that need re-thinking and re-working. Many of the best improvements at AMMBCON come as a result of community input from engaged people such as yourself. If you have ideas on changes that we can implement to make the event better, then please contact us.