Expanding the boundaries of music and making it sustainable.

In 2007, ASK Promotions was formed and began operations with a team of business professionals. Through our efforts, we work to realize the vision of ASK Promotions as the leading channel for promoting local music in Trinidad and Tobago and spearheading the transition of our local musical genres to the international market. We at ASK Promotions are proud of our musical heritage. We envision while the successes and achievements of our musicians and music sector increase, so too does our pride and love for all genres of Trinidad and Tobago music. Our artistes are making significant impact nationally and internationally, more music of a higher quality is being produced. Momentum in our sector is air marked to increase sustainability. Our music is a renewable resource that must be nurtured and developed with long-term objectives in view. The development of all parts of the Music Sector can result in large jobs growth and represents a sound investment for the country.

Stephen Howard, CEO of ASK Promotions raves: "We are very pleased to announce AMMBCON 2016".

Trinidad and Tobago offers exactly the right combination of conditions for hosting an international music event with manifold requirements: from global flight connections to sufficient hotel beds; and from experienced, well-networked partners to suitable festival, conference support.

AMMBCON is more than just a music conference – it's where music business gets done! Over the years, the musical landscape of the Caribbean has been proving its worth, strength and weaknesses with the level and amount of artistes that flock the scene year in and year out. Though we are rich and diverse in our assortment of genres most artiste have problems managing their brand and succeeding in their career.

This year features at a glance

  1. The AMMBCON/CIDAco Academy - receive a recognized UK certificate.
  2. Producers / vocal / songwriters workshops.
  3. Hands-on coaching from world acclaimed music industry specialist and networking opportunities.
  4. Perform before international producers, publishers, labels, booking agents and distributors.
  5. Perform at AMMBCON Showcase at Adam Smith Square; get selected to perform at international showcasing events.
  6. Media from all participating countries will cover this event.